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A Shandong tour will take you to one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. On a trip to this captivating land, you'll expect to experience some of the best the Central Plains Region has to offer. Explore Family Kong's Mansion and Temple of Confucius in Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius, the most influential Chinese philosopher; climb Mount Tai, the most sacred mountain where China's first emperor announced a unified empire two thousand years ago; try Tsingtao beer during a sightseeing tour in Qingdao, one of the most livable cities in Asia; or be part of the International Kite Festival in Weifang, known as the kite capital of the world. A Shandong tour is all about those and more!

Simply take a look at our hand-picked Shandong vacation packages designed for different tastes or let us create a custom trip around your requirements.

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Why Private Tours

A hassle-free trip at your own pace for your own group
  • private guide & transfer
    Your Own Party, Guides & Transfer

    If you and your party purchase a "private" tour, you won't have to share the experience with anybody else. At every step, you'll have access to knowledgeable local guides who can fill in the blanks in your understanding. A private car will be used for every stage of the trip. Your trip, beginning with your arrival at the airport and ending when you have dropped off again, will be completely stress-free and enjoyable.

  • Hand-picked Hotels & Restaurants
    Hand-picked Hotels & Restaurants

    We're well aware of the need of maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough rest when traveling. In order to provide you with a wide range of options, we take the time to carefully assess each location and choose a wide range of high-quality hotels and restaurants every year. Our goal is straightforward: to provide you with the convenience and coziness of home while you are away from it.

  • Travel with Full of Flexibility
    Travel with Full of Flexibility

    When taking a private tour, you can expect individualized attention focused on your specific needs. You can travel with complete peace of mind and just have fun, as everything about your vacation is being handled. Simply tell your tour guide what you're most interested in seeing and what you'd rather skip entirely, and he or she will adjust the schedule accordingly.

Top Places to Visit in Shandong

Mount Taishan
Known as "the first mountain in the world", Mount Taishan was revered by the Chinese as a symbol of imperial might. Many emperors from 13 dynasties of ancient China have personally ascended Mount Taishan to offer sacrifices. When visiting the place, be sure not to miss the sunrise, which is surprisingly stunning and moving. With the first ray of dawn from the rising sun, the sea of clouds is transformed into brilliant golden color, becoming a significant representation of Mount Tai. In 1987, Mount Taishan was designated as China's first combined cultural and natural heritage site by UNESCO.
  • baotu spring, jinan
    Shandong Province's capital is Jinan, also called Spring City. Numerous natural springs make Jinan outstanding. The most well-known of the springs is Baotu Spring, dubbed "the first spring in the world" by a famous ancient Chinese emperor Qian Long.
  • Qufu---Temple-of-Confucius
    Hailed as the "Oriental Jerusalem", Qufu is the birthplace of the Yellow Emperor (the ancestor of the Chinese), and the hometown of Confucius. The Family Kong's Mansion, the Temple of Confucius, and the Cemetery of Confucius are iconic tourist spots in the city.
  • Weifang
    Weifang is the home of the renowned Weifang International Kite Festival and the birthplace of kites, as well as the kite capital of the world. Thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world fly dazzling kites every April, providing travelers with spectacular experiences.
  • qingdao beer
    As one of China's oldest ports, Qingdao still has a wide array of exotic structures standing at the Badaguan Scenic Area. In addition, Tsingtao Beer, the first brand of Chinese beer, is also made here. You must give it a try if you intend to travel.
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