Local lifestyle in Pingyao

Compared with the Southern ancient towns, Pingyao ancient towns are closer to people's life. Although Pingyao ancient town is a very famous tourist spot, the local people are not influenced by that. There is some influence, for example, there appear a lot of folk-custom taverns, many sellers sell local snacks and souvenirs to visitors, and some people pick up visitors by motorbike, and so on. But totally speaking, the local people still follow their own way of life and completely appreciate the slow pace of life.

Standing on the ancient City Wall, you can see people go out of the city gate by various means of transportation and begin their work. In the evening, they get off work and go to the city gate to enjoy their leisure time. At this time, the areas near the city gate become food markets. But for modern vehicles, you may feel that you are in ancient times. In such a state, history and reality reach perfect unification and harmony.

If you want to feel the real lifestyle of a place, the simplest way is to taste the local food and go to the shopping district. Because Pingyao is only a small town, it doesn't have goods that are top quality, but it has some special aspects. There are many people seeing performances in front of the shops. Although the stage is not so good, and the singer doesn’t sing well, everyone is satisfied. Maybe what they need is relaxation after work. It is the advantage of a small town. Without endless desire and pressure, everyone enjoys a happy life.

There are a lot of snacks in Pingyao. Especially at the night market, there are full of stalls that sell snacks, such as vegetables, meat, flour-made dishes and so on. With less money, you can get a more wonderful taste. The Pingyao beef and the long yam are the best specialties in Pingyao, which attract visitors very much.

Walking on the street of Pingyao's ancient town, you may forget the hustle and bustle in big cities. You may feel that time stops. And you may want to stay here. It is Pingyao, a natural, plain, and real town.

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